Our solders have fought in many battles all over the world to protect our freedom, on Sept 11, 2001 we were attacked on our own soil, something that we were not used to but when that attack came the men & women in and around those 2 towers stepped into action, many were running into those buildings to save others while some inside gave their lives getting others out of the buildings, in the days to come our country was devastated but we came together, United standing together no matter our politics,  we stood together as Americans ready to protect Americans of all races and origins, I hope we never forget what that unity looks like. Thank you to the families that lost loved ones those that died in their workplace and those who went in to save them and gave their lives some on that day and others years later because of the air they breathed saving people they didn’t even know. As Rotarians let us continue to share the vision of unity as we serve our communities.