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RYLA Registration

If any Rotarians know of any high school Juniors who are interested in attending RYLA, please contact Gregorio Arrambide at (830)313-6818.
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Veterans Day Flag Project

Veterans Day Flag Service
If you are interested in assisting in our Flag project on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, please reach out to Rachel Beavan at 830-719-9349.
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Del Rio Rotary Club Meeting 11/09/2021

Veteran's Day Guest Speakers
This week, on November 11th, we celebrate Veteran's Day. In honor of this day, we have some VERY special guests.  Representing the U.S. Air Force, we have Ret. Col. William (Bob) Bishop, representing the Navy, we have Dr. Emile Abbott, representing the Marines, we have Eddie Amezcua and representing the U.S. Coast Guard, we have Fred Bowers
Please join us to listen to their experience serving in the military and our country.

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 Rio Rotary Meeting 11/02/2021

Last week’s guest speaker
 We were honored to have Fellow Rotarian Esme Meza Community Services Director.  Esme spoke about ongoing activities and changes that have been made as well as excellent financial grants available for nonprofits. 
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Senior Citizen Day

Rotary Village Senior Citizen Day. Assistant-Governor Gloria Wilson delivered a goody bag to keep tenants active and stress-free during these times.
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Guest speaker March 2, 2021

A big round of applause to our guest speaker, Brian “Tiger” Mar-tinez, who gave an awesome presentation. Mr. Martinez wears many hats from working in customer service and the financial industry to also his passion of art and tattoos. Mr. Martinez spoke about how his childhood and how it has formed his passion.
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Consulate of Mexico Presentation

Maria de la Paloma Villasenor, the new head consul for the Consulate of Mexico gave an excellent presentation about the services offered by the consulate to citizens of Mexico.
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Zoom Meeting September 22, 2020 

Stephanie Scheller, founder of Grow Disrupt out of San Antonio, Texas, provided an excellent training on Great Leadership's Secret Weapon. Mrs. Scheller explained, “We are all leaders in some capacity.” Whether at home with our family, at work with our colleagues, or in recreational activities, there is someone looking up to you to guide. Attendees learned what EQ is, and how to leverage it to increase your own happiness in life in general & impact as a leader.
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Weekly Zoom Meeting

Assistant Governor Gloria Wilson provided insight into the collaboration with our district and District 4110 in Mexico, for a International Bi-District meeting. She also spoke about human trafficking and the serious problem which continues everyday
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Meeting June 9, 2020

President Angie Prather and Assistant Governor Gloria Wilson gave Club updates. Rotarian Lupita McDowell spoke on her recent travels and Miguel Ferzola was special guest visitor during Tuesday's luncheon.
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"Service Above Self"

Showing our appreciation to the staff, the Del Rio Rotary Club provided meals to first responders. The Pizzas were prepared by Mr. Gattis Restaurant. A big thanks to everyone who made this possible.
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Meeting 3/10/2020

Dot Steed spoke about mentoring our youth from DRHS. Ms. Steed is a motivational speaker and an inspiration to all. Jakob Ortiz & Frank Ferreira spoke about their experience with the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Conference. Group photo: Fred Bowers, Gloria Wilson, Dot Steed, Jakob Ortiz Frank Ferreira Chris Ryan and David Ortiz
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Flag Project 

Upcoming Activities 

February 17th President’s Day, Flag Project all those interested please meet at Rotary Village at 5:00 a.m.

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Valentine's Lucheon

The DRHS Culinary Class, under the direction of Chef Adan Cortez(bottom left), catered a Valentine's luncheon for the Rotary Club.  The delicious 3 course meal was served at the Firehouse and prepared at the Philip Mahl Memorial Kitchen.

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Washer Donation

On January 17th, Rotary Village donated 2 washers to the Rotary Club.  The Del Rio Rotary Club, in turn, donated these two washers to the Cd. Acuña Rotary Club.  The Cd. Acuña Rotary Club will provide the washers to an organization which helps the homeless in Cd. Acuña.  


Pictured left to right is Luis Garcia, Cd. Acuña Rotary President, Angela Prather, Del Rio Rotary Club President and Gloria Reyes, Rotary Village Property Manager. Not pictured but pivotal in facilitating this transaction, Doc Abbott, Del Rio Rotary International Chair.  Rotary Connects the World!

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January 14, 2020 Meeting

Isidro Valdez- Executive Director with Del Rio Housing Authority, Jesus Avila - Director of Operations & Rotary Village Property Manager - Gloria Reyes, were guest speakers at Tuesday's Rotary luncheon. Also, in attendance were special guests Helen and Steven Wheeler, family of Gloria Wilson, visiting all the way from New Zealand.

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San Antonio Rotary Club Meeting January 8, 2020

On January 8th, President Angela Prather & Immediate Past President Cynthia de Luna, attended the SA Rotary Club in which Governor Greg Abbott was the guest speaker.  The Governor spoke of the progressive growth in the State of Texas and the diversity and barriers, Rotarians assist to overcome for the betterment of the State.

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January 7th Meeting

James Powell from Veterans Services came to speak to the Rotary Club  on the Vietnam Wall coming to Del Rio in March. Adrian Bitela the county veterans service officer came to speak to the Rotary Club regarding the services provided by the Veterans Service Office.   

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AG Gloria Wilson, speaking to a group of fellow Rotarians at a recent Eagle Pass, TX meeting. 2019-02-04 06:00:00Z 0
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Donation to VVRMC Hope Cancer Resource Room

The Rotary Club of Del Rio stopped by the VVRMC's Hope Cancer Resource Room to make a donation in honor of Mary Pierce.

Mary was a long time advocate for community members fighting cancer and spent a great deal of time helping in the HOPE Cancer Resource Room. Her passing is a great loss to our community and she is missed.
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Crayola Club 2018

Gloria Wilson, District 5840 AG and Cynthia De Luna, Del Rio Rotary Club President worked with the Rotary Clubs of Hondo, D'Hanis, Bernie Sunrise and The Acuna Club of Mexico to get school supplies ready to give out to the children of Ciudad Acuna. It's great to see all these clubs working together to show amazing teamwork and Service above Self!
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Rotary Park - Del Rio, TX

Posted by Laura Langton on Jan 29, 2017
Del Rio Rotary Club is working on making Rotary Park handicap accessible and available for ALL children!
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